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  • Sunni Brown

    Business Owner, Author & Designer
    Sunni Brown

    Sunni is a business owner, author, and information designer, and her consultancy, BrightSpot I.D., specializes in visual thinking and the broad range of its applications. She was trained in graphic recording and facilitation at The Grove Consultants International and is currently an Associate of The Grove, a freelance consultant for XPLANE, and an Associate of Alphachimp Studios.

    Sunni is also co-Founder of VizThink Austin, currently the largest visual thinking community in the United States. Sunni presents regularly on the topics of graphic facilitation, the Doodle Revolution, and visual thinking and the brain, and is one really funny lady.

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  • Andy Budd

    Founding Partner, Clearleft
    Andy Budd

    Andy Budd is one of the founding partners at User Experience Design Consultancy, Clearleft. As an interaction design and usability specialist, Andy is a regular speaker at international conferences like The Web 2.0 Expo, An Event Apart and SXSW.

    Andy curates dConstruct, one of the most popular design conferences in the UK. He's also responsible for UX London, the UK's first dedicated Usability, Information Architecture and User Experience Design event. Andy is also the driving force behind Silverbackapp, a low cost usability testing tool for the Mac.

    Andy has helped judge several international design awards such as the British Interactive Media Awards. Andy also sits on the advisory board for .Net Magazine, although this has absolutely (cough) nothing to do with them winning agency of the year last year. In May 2010, Wired Magazine named Andy one of the top 100 most influential people in the UK digital sector, much to the pride of his mother and the surprise of everybody else.

    Never happier than when he's diving some remote tropical atoll, Andy is a qualified PADI dive instructor and retired shark wrangler.

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  • Cindy Chastain

    Experience Designer, Strategist, Teacher & Screenwriter
    Cindy Chastain

    Cindy Chastain is an experience designer, strategist, teacher and screenwriter. As a Creative Director at R/GA, named Digital Agency of the Decade by Adweek, Cindy leads with a focus on storytelling, collaboration and craft. She’s also bent on changing the way traditional advertisers and marketers approach digital product design. Projects she’s led include clients ranging from Verizon to GSK, BBC Worldwide, Showtime, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Madison Square Garden and Fuse.

    In addition to moonlighting as an adjunct professor (teaching interaction design at FIT, a State University of New York), she is planning a book about how storytelling techniques can be used a framework for design. She holds an MFA in screenwriting from Columbia University and earned a BS in Radio, TV, Film from Northwestern University. In her spare time, she can be found hanging out with her 5-year-old Harry Potter fanatic, and attempting to play her brand new ukulele.

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  • Dana Chisnell

    Researcher & Consultant
    Dana Chisnell

    By day, Dana Chisnell helps people learn how to make better design decisions through user research, usability testing, and giving them the skills they need to gain knowledge about users. For fun, she trains local elections officials all over the US to test the designs of their ballots.

    You may know Dana as a researcher and consultant who founded UsabilityWorks, helping companies like Yahoo!, Intuit, AARP, Wells Fargo, E*TRADE, Sun Microsystems, and RLG (now OCLC) perform usability tests and other user research to inform and improve the designs of their products and services. The teams at Intuit, Aplia, Education Finance Services, Marriott, and OCLC, who Dana helped develop personas for, talk to their archetypes every day to test out new design ideas.

    She's also an elections wonk, who, with Ginny Redish, completed a 2-year in-depth study in 2008 looking at the language of instructions on ballots. She's an expert consultant to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on usability and accessibility standards for voting systems and the test methods to determine whether voting systems are worthy of voters.

    Oh, and she's the co-author with Jeff Rubin of Handbook of Usability Testing Second Edition (Wiley 2008).

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  • Josh Clark

    Designer, Developer & Author
    Josh Clark

    Josh Clark is a designer, developer, and author specializing in mobile design strategy and user experience. He's author of the O'Reilly books Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps and Best iPhone Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders. Josh's outfit Global Moxie offers workshops and consulting services to help creative companies build tapworthy iPhone apps and effective websites.

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  • Amy Cueva

    Founder, Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow
    Amy Cueva

    Amy Cueva is Founder, Chief Experience Officer, and Healthcare Principal at Mad*Pow, an experience design agency. She has built Mad*Pow's user-centered design methodology as the vehicle to synergize business goals, customer needs, and technology requirements. She partners with clients like Google, Aetna, Fidelity, and Monster to create strong cross-channel digital strategies, first class user experiences, and streamlined internal processes.

    Amy was selected as one of Mass High Tech’s Women to Watch in 2009 and grew Mad*Pow along her business partners, Will Powley, and Bradley Honeyman to be noted as one of Inc 500’s fastest growing privately held companies in 2009. She is the secretary and one of the charter members of the NH UPA and is speaking at the 2010 IA Summit in Phoenix, AZ and the 2010 International UPA Conference in Munich, Germany.

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  • Richard Dalton

    Senior Manager of User Experience, Vanguard
    Richard Dalton

    Richard Dalton is active in the User Experience and Information Architecture communities and was the IA Summit conference chair for the 2008 Summit in Miami. Richard has been in the United States with Vanguard since 1999, before that he lived in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North of England where he was a co-owner of a leading UK Web Consultancy.

    When he’s not working he enjoys hanging out with his wife and three children, reading, playing guitar and juggling. He writes about user experience, the universe and everything at

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  • Liz Danzico

    Designer, Educator, Editor
    Liz Danzico

    Liz Danzico is equal parts designer, educator, and editor. She is chair and co-founder of the MFA in Interaction Design Program at the School of Visual Arts. She is an independent consultant in New York, columnist for Interactions Magazine, on the boards of Rosenfeld Media and Design Ignites Change, and lectures widely.

    She’s been user experience director at Happy Cog editor-in-chief for Boxes and Arrows, editor-in-chief for A Brief Message, and an advisory board member of the Information Architecture Institute, adjunct faculty at the New School University and the Fashion Institute of Technology. In the past, Liz directed experience strategy for AIGA, Before that, she directed the information architecture teams at Barnes & and Razorfish New York. She has a BA from Pennsylvania State University and an MA from Carnegie Mellon University.

    Liz has written for Adobe ThinkTank, AIGA Journal of Design, A List Apart, Boxes and Arrows, Business Week, Eye Magazine, Gain: AIGA Journal of Business and Design, UX Matters, and writes ongoing for

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  • Dave DeRuchie

    Project Management Director, Happy Cog
    Dave DeRuchie

    Dave DeRuchie is a project manager, process engineer and business analyst with an iron-clad business acumen. Dave’s uncanny ability to dissect every aspect of a client’s needs and his pedigree in information technology combine to make him the detail-oriented asset he is to Happy Cog projects. Over the course of 17 years, Dave has progressed from desktop applications to enterprise resource management systems and beyond, working in a broad array of industries including business logistics, finance, healthcare and insurance.

    Prior to joining Happy Cog, Dave founded DeVersified Business Solutions with the goal of helping small to medium-sized businesses improve their process and project management using cost effective, web-based applications. He is also a textbook example of a former IT developer who learned, early on, that some developers are far better process/project managers. Happy Cog and its clients are both far better off as a result.

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  • Vidya Drego

    Forrester Research
    Vidya Drego

    Vidya serves Customer Experience professionals. Her research focuses on the customer research, design, and usability process behind creating great customer experiences to improve profitability both in and across customer-facing channels. By helping companies find and partner with the right interactive agency or improve their internal design and usability processes with tools like personas and techniques like heuristic evaluations, she helps firms show measurable improvements in the experience in and across digital channels.

    Her research coverage includes interactive agencies, customer experience strategy, Web and mobile Web site design and usability, out-of-box experience, and persona development and use. In addition, she teaches Workshops on and performs reviews of Web sites, cross channels, personas, and brand experiences.

    Vidya comes to Forrester with design and strategy experience from the technology industry. Most recently, she was a user-interface designer with the award-winning customer innovation and design team at Symbol Technologies. In that role, she led the design of the mobility platform that allows Symbol customers to manage their fleet of mobile devices. Prior to Symbol, Vidya was in the office of the CTO at Critical Path, where she helped shape new product strategy for the mobile application provider.

    Vidya's work has ranged from user research to interaction and user interface design. She has published work in the 2004 BT Technology Journal as well as the ACM conference for User Interface Software Technology (UIST).

    Vidya holds a master's degree in media arts and sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, where she received an Intel Fellowship to research and design mobile applications for an internal technology team. She also holds a bachelor's degree in symbolic systems with a concentration in human-computer interaction from Stanford University.

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  • Dave Gray

    Founder & Chairman, XPLANE
    Dave Gray

    Dave Gray is the Founder and Chairman of XPLANE, the visual thinking company. Founded in 1993, XPLANE has grown to be the world’s leading consulting and design firm focused on information-driven communications. Dave’s time is spent researching and writing on visual business, as well as speaking, coaching and delivering workshops to educators, corporate clients and the public.

    He is also a founding member of VizThink, an international community of Visual Thinkers.

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  • Brett Harned

    Senior Project Manager, Happy Cog
    Brett Harned

    Brett Harned has more than 10 years of experience in communications and creative team management. At Happy Cog, Brett has managed projects for Groupon, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Presbyterian Church of USA. Brett also served as Senior Project Manager at Razorfish, where he managed multi-resource teams and implemented creative strategies to produce websites and comprehensive digital advertising campaigns for companies such as Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Aetna.

    When Brett isn’t wrangling timelines and budgets in the office, he likes to discover new music, experiment with photography, and explore the City of Brotherly Love with his wife and daughter.

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  • Kevin M. Hoffman

    User Experience Director, Happy Cog
    Kevin M. Hoffman

    Kevin has been building experiences on the web since 1995. At Happy Cog, he has been the lead user experience strategist and information architect for clients ranging from top higher education institutions to Fortune 100 companies, including Georgetown University, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and Thomson Reuters.

    Prior to joining Happy Cog, Kevin built websites, developing online strategies, and leading projects for colleges, universities, and non-profits in Baltimore, MD. He has been a consistent voice for intelligent communication strategies and an expert consensus builder in environments where vastly differing, passionate opinions were the norm. He studied sociology and public policy at Duquesne University, toured the world as a lead guitarist, and has seen several hundred faces and rocked at least 93% of them.

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  • Dan Klyn

    University of Michigan School of Information
    Dan Klyn

    Dan is a student, teacher and practitioner of information architecture: his ongoing research focus is to understand the work of IA-pioneer Richard Saul Wurman, and he teaches the IA course at the University of Michigan School of Information. Dan's academic background is in librarianship and creative writing, and his practice has spanned the course of twelve years in a variety of agency, "innie" and "outtie" contexts.

    Dan's ardent exploration of the nature of information architecture is fed by a passion for understanding the interworkings of online and multi-channel retail, for clients including AAA, American Girl, The Ark, Brookstone, Costa Del Mar, Hollanders, NOOMA, Rose Brand, Seagate, ShopAtHomeTV, SIGGRAPH, Simply Sausage, Time-Life and TJ Maxx.

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  • Jonathan Knoll

    Designer+Architect, InfinityPlusOne
    Jonathan Knoll

    Jonathan is an experience designer who has spent more than a decade engaged in nearly every facet of software design and implementation. He brings UX deliverables to life through his extensive knowledge of prototyping, and his skills have been brought to bear for Standard & Poor's, Rosenfeld Media, messagefirst, Happy Cog, and many others. He's rocked the UX casbah on projects for S&P, Mozilla, Time, Purex, Keds, Filene's Basement, and ADP, and his solutions have a penchant for seeing the light of day.

    As the man behind the UX scene, Jonathan is responsible for the IDEA2009, Interaction|10, IA Summit 2010, and IDEA2010 websites, not to mention his involvement with over half-a-dozen other UX community sites, initiatives, and activities. He also serves on the Advisory Board for the IA Institute.

    Jonathan has a masters degree in Comparative Political Science from the University of California, San Diego. While at UCSD, he sought to improve research methodology by using available technologies to work more efficiently in the study of comparative electoral systems, voter strategy, and other related sub-fields. Based in New York, he is the Principal of Infinity Plus One Consulting, focusing on UX strategy, experience design, and interactive development. He can be found at

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  • James Macanufo

    Senior Consultant, XPLANE
    James Macanufo

    James is a senior consultant at XPLANE, where he leads the Visual Thinking practice. He believes that visualization is essential to understanding what things are, how they work, and why they matter. In five years at XPLANE, he has helped global technology and government clients design solutions for their complex challenges.

    He works side-by-side with clients such as HP, IBM, Autodesk, Nokia, The US Department of Education and the US Marine Corps to shape strategy, transformation and communication programs. Combining 10 years of information design experience with a deep expertise in facilitation, he leads groups in navigating and explaining complex systems in 'real-time.'

    With co-authors Dave Gray and Sunni Brown, James has written Gamestorming as a guide to getting started in combining the power of visualization with the structure of the group process. His blog,, is dedicated to discovering new methods and best practices in the field.

    Prior to XPLANE, James was a journalist, reporting on and creating information graphics at Newsweek Magazine and American City Business Journals. He holds a Bachelor's of Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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  • Katie McCurdy

    Interaction Designer, R/GA
    Katie McCurdy

    Katie McCurdy has played key roles in a number of design projects that included a mobile application to encourage walking, a crime visualization tool, the redesign and restructuring of a large call center support website, a mobile application to help IT administrators manage their enterprise virtual machine infrastructure, and an information architecture redesign for a healthy eating website.

    Since graduating from the University of Michigan School of Information's Human-Computer Interaction Master's program in May, Katie has been working as an Interaction Designer at R/GA. There, she strives to make life better for millions of Verizon telecommunications customers.

    She lives and works in New York, a city with which she's beginning a minor love affair.

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  • Karen McGrane

    Managing Partner, Bond Art + Science
    Karen McGrane

    If the internet is more awesome than it was in 1995, Karen would like to claim a very tiny piece of the credit. For more than 15 years Karen has helped create more usable digital products through the power of user experience design and content strategy. Today, as Managing Partner at Bond Art + Science, she develops web strategies and interaction designs for publishers, financial services firms, and healthcare companies.

    Prior to starting Bond, Karen helped build the User Experience practice at Razorfish, hired as the very first Information Architect and leaving as the VP and National Lead for UX. Over the decade she spent there, she led projects for dozens of clients, overseeing major redesign initiatives for The New York Times, Condé Nast, Disney, and Citibank.

    Karen is also on the faculty of the new MFA in Interaction Design program at SVA in New York, where she teaches Interaction Design History, focusing on the key movements and trends that have shaped the field, and Design Management, which aims to give students the skills they need to run successful projects, teams, and businesses.

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  • Erin Moore

    Designer, Writer and Budding Ethnographer
    Erin Moore

    Erin Moore is a designer, writer and budding ethnographer whose desire to contribute to compelling projects that also tell great stories, knows few limits. She is currently a student in the MFA Interaction Design Program at the School of Visual Arts and most recently was the Design Manager for Sundaram Tagore Gallery’s three locations in New York, Beverly Hills and Hong Kong. Erin has spent a good part of the past year traveling, connecting with new people and places and keeping a sharp eye out for new ways that design and creative technology can connect people and geographies around the globe. Erin holds a BFA in Visual Communications from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has also completed studies at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. You can find her at

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  • Peter Morville

    Writer, Speaker & Consultant
    Peter Morville

    Peter Morville is a writer, speaker, and consultant. He is best known for helping to create the discipline of information architecture. His bestselling books include Information Architecture for the World Wide Web and Ambient Findability. Peter’s latest book, Search Patterns, was published by O’Reilly Media in 2010.

    He advises such clients as AT&T, Harvard, IBM, the Library of Congress, Microsoft, the National Cancer Institute, Vodafone, and the Weather Channel. His work on experience design and the future of search has been covered by Business Week, The Economist, Fortune, NPR, and The Wall Street Journal.

    Peter lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife, two daughters, and a dog named Knowsy. He blogs at

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  • Kate Rutter

    Senior Practitioner, Adaptive Path
    Kate Rutter

    During her 15+ years in the web industry, Kate has worked with corporations, startups, and nonprofit organizations to help them grow, change and successfully chart new paths in ambiguous times and shifting markets. Clients include Greenpeace, Travel + Leisure, Citysearch,, Globo Networks, and Nokia.

    Kate attended Wellesley College, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in studio art. She finds inspiration in a wide variety of subjects: Semiotics, textile arts, slime mold, origami, code, urban design, fire, and other dangerous things. She is an active community leader as well as a formidable welder.

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  • Amanda Schonfeld

    Amanda Schonfeld

    Amanda Schonfeld has been helping people decide “what to do with their lives” for over 11 years. She began her career at Sapient’s Chicago office, left for an adventure in New York at a headhunting agency, and then she road-tripped back to Chicago where she built her higher education career and eventually became Director of Admission for Illinois Institute of Technology’s Stuart School of Business. After four years in higher education, she boomeranged back to Sapient and is currently a Sr. Manager, Recruiting Lead for SapientNitro’s North America Creative, Media and Strategic Services departments.

    Two things have always motivated her professionally: being relationship-focused and helping someone figure out the right ‘next step’. The cherry on top is performing those functions within the design realm. She has placed various kinds of people from a Global Head of Strategy, to a Director of Corporate Marketing, to a Designer with 1-2 yrs exp.

    Amanda is a die-hard Boston terrier lover; she lives with and for one named Jiggs, but lets 2 cats and her fiancé share the house too. Terriers aside, she’s a tortured Chicago Cubs fan, owns 7 pairs of eyeglasses and enjoys tending her container garden.

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  • Jared Spool

    CEO & Founding Principal, User Interface Engineering
    Jared Spool

    If you’ve ever seen Jared speak about usability, you know that he’s probably the most effective, knowledgeable communicator on the subject today. What you probably don’t know is that he has guided the research agenda and built User Interface Engineering into the largest research organization of its kind in the world. He’s been working in the field of usability and design since 1978, before the term "usability" was ever associated with computers.

    Jared spends his time working with the research teams at the company, helps clients understand how to solve their design problems, explains to reporters and industry analysts what the current state of design is all about, and is a top-rated speaker at more than 20 conferences every year. He is also the conference chair and keynote speaker at the annual User Interface Conference, is on the faculty of the Tufts University Gordon Institute, and manages to squeeze in a fair amount of writing time.

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  • reed spool

    Magician, Amateur Programmer, and all around Cool Kid
    reed spool

    reed spool is a magician, amateur programmer, and all around cool kid. reed is studying Computer Science at UMass Lowell, class of 2014. In his spare time reed enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, his ukulele, games of strategy, and with syntax. After leaving high school in '08, reed entered AmeriCorps*NCCC, a national and community service program. Ten months later, in a single week, reed received his GED and both the Presidential Award and Congressional Medal of Service.

    reed has been practicing magic for six years, since a masked man at a Halloween party showed him a coin trick. reed's thimble magic has won him several very large trophies at magic competitions and brought him to very cool places. reed prefers his name in the lower case because it looks better.

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  • Jeffrey Zeldman

    Founder & Executive Creative Director, Happy Cog
    Jeffrey Zeldman

    Dubbed King of Web Standards by Business Week, Jeffrey Zeldman was one of the first designers, bloggers, and independent publishers on the web, and one of the first web design teachers. In 1998, he co-founded and designed—and from 1999 to 2002 he directed—The Web Standards Project, a grassroots coalition that helped bring standards to our browsers.

    Jeffrey founded and is executive creative director of Happy Cog™, a high-end web design agency with studios in New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. He publishes the industry-leading magazine A List Apart “for people who make websites;” has written two books, notably the foundational web standards text, Designing With Web Standards 3rd Edition with Ethan Marcotte. His Taking Your Talent to the Web, rated five stars at since the day it was published, is now a free downloadable book (PDF, 9.5 MB).

    Jeffrey co-founded the multi-city web design conference An Event Apart with Eric Meyer; co-hosts The Big Web Show with Dan Benjamin; is the publisher of the new “A Book Apart” series of short books for people who make websites; and is a faculty member on the MFA, Interaction Design program at School of Visual Arts.

    Web 2.1: Transformers Are Go!