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Information Visualization - Why Now, Where It’s Headed

Michal Migurski, who will present at IDEA, gave a talk at Adaptive Path’s UX Week titled “Data Viz: Why Now?”

In the last few years, it feels like information visualization is coming into its own, and the prognosis for the next few years is quite bright. As Migurski’s presentation points out, because 1) data got cheaper and 2) flash got better, the barriers to entry for visualization have dramatically lowered. And so we’re seeing a fluorishing of visualizations in more places — on the Web, sure, but also in physical spaces.

For example, the Seattle Public Library features a series of visualizations by George Legrady that expose the activity of the library — statistics on the materials checked out, floating titles organized by Dewey Decimal Number, the “Dewey Dot Matrix Rain,” and the “Keyword Map Attack.”


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  1. hyperboxer said,

    September 26, 2006 @ 4:52 pm

    All that ‘information’ - yet the montor has a little paper sign taped to it. No doubt with something written on it that the visitor might actually need to know.

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