The Information Architecture Institute
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New York City, October 4 and 5, 2007

OMFG - We got Linda Stone!

This morning I had a delightful phone conversation with Linda Stone. (You can also learn more about her from an older bio.) Linda has an extensive history in multimedia design and development, going back to Apple Computer in the 80s, and including Microsoft in the 90s.

Linda has once again achieved prominence with her latest meme, continuous partial attention. It’s a condition of the contemporary information worker — constantly scanning the periphery for newer, potentially more valuable information; subject to distraction; difficulty with focusing on any one thing for any length of time.

Thanks to the miracle of podcasting, you can listen to her presentation on CPA at the Emerging Technology Conference.

I wanted Linda to address our event, because I think the situation she’s identified presents a challenge for designers of complex information spaces — how do we develop systems, environments, and tools that fit within this context of partial attention? I think it does much to set up the discussions that will happen at IDEA, so she has been given the first slot.

In our discussion this morning, she mentioned that her understanding continues to evolve, and this won’t simply be a rehash of her ETech or Supernova talks.

I am very excited!

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