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New York City, October 4 and 5, 2007

Meet Dave Cronin!

Dave Cronin is the Director of Interaction Design at Cooper. A little birdy told me he is working on About Face 3.0, following up Alan Cooper and Robert Reimann’s book. At IDEA, Dave will be talking about design work he did on the GettyGuide, a suite of interactive tools, including kiosks and mobile audio players.

The GettyGuide design project has a lengthy write up in Design Interact.

Here’s how Cooper talks about the solution:

The Cooper team and the Getty collaborated to develop a system which played to the strong point of each platform. The handheld device is predominantly used as a tour guide for both directed and undirected exploration of the galleries and grounds. The handheld also allows visitors to bookmark any work of art in the galleries. When the visitor then places the handheld next to a kiosk, the bookmarks are automatically downloaded, enabling the visitor to access the wealth of information about the bookmarked works on the larger display of the kiosk.

The kiosk provides several different ways of finding and browsing its deep stores of knowledge, from direct methods such providing indexes of the works in nearby galleries and the ability to search on a variety of criteria, to more associative methods of browsing through related works of art.

The GettyGuide system was also designed to integrate with the Getty Web site, enabling visitors to access their bookmarked works of art from the comfort of their own homes, allowing them to return to the pieces that intrigued them on their visit to the museum, as well as bookmarking pieces from the Web site, creating a tour to follow when they arrive at the museum.

Both the handheld and the kiosk were designed to be location-context-dependent, providing access to information about nearby works of art and architectural features as well as encouraging visitors to continue to explore nearby points of interest, both physically and virtually. By offering content based upon visitors’ physical location, visitors can move fluidly between a traditional directed tour and a more serendipitous experience where visitors are able to follow their interests and reactions.

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    […] Speakers include Bruce Sterling, David Cronin (Cooper), Paul Gould (MAYA), Dan Hill (BBC), Peter Merholz (Adaptive Path), as well as artists, researchers, park rangers (YES!), and more talking about how they do what they do. […]

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