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Seattle Public Library, October 23-24, 2006

The National Park Service is back on!

A couple weeks ago, I wrote that the NPS had to back out of IDEA. However, I found out last week, and confirmed today, that David Guiney, who has worked at the Interpretive Design Center since the mid-70s, will be able to join us! Considering the scope of their efforts and contribution, they’re getting two programming slots. The first slot will address the breadth of media that the Park Service designs, ranging from brochures and maps to signage and waysides (those contextual signs by the side of a trail), to exhibits in visitors centers.

The second slot will directly address the challenges, questions, and concerns that the NPS faces, such as:

  • What should be centralized, and what should be local?
  • How do we judge and measure audience response?
  • How do we translate the “Ranger Experience” to media?
  • What’s the appropriate balance between information and interpretation?

I’m thrilled to have them back. Their contribution will be immense!

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