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Integration: Designing for Tomorrow

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A global, interconnected network of people and information is emerging faster than many of us can take pause to understand. We believe that the world faces great challenges we must address as a design community: from the socioeconomic digital divide to health care, sustainability to global poverty.

This year, IDEA2010 in Philadelphia provides the perfect place where we as UX professionals can come together to exchange insights and share perspectives for designing better experiences across physical and virtual information spaces.

IDEA2010 is a design conference tailored for you. This year’s unique mix of traditional presentations with structured activity time assures that you’ll get high-level concepts from big thinkers, and the space to apply them with peers.

About the IDEA Conference

Information: Design, Experience, Access

With every passing week, the ubiquity of access to information is shaping our world in ways we can see: shifting population centers, new ways of creating and using public/private spaces. These tangible experiences are also shifted through the lens of interaction design to affect the invisible spaces of social discourse, cultural framework and personal communication.

IDEA brings together leading interaction design thinkers from across the globe, and challenges them: to share beyond the concepts that inspire them most, and deliver practical guidance for attendees to begin making an immediate difference in the networked world of today and tomorrow.

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Sponsoring IDEA2010

Personal, Lasting Exposure to the People Designing the Future.

IDEA2010 gives sponsors a truly unique opportunity to support our growing, vocal community across a number of media, and in person.

If gaining access and awareness with our audience of innovators and influencers is important to the future of your brand, please contact us as soon as possible.

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Information Architecture Institute

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