The Information Architecture Institute
A conference on designing complex information
spaces of all kinds.
Seattle Public Library, October 23-24, 2006

Confirmed Speakers

Jake Barton
Jake is the principal of Local Projects, a museum and exhibit design firm, perhaps best known for their involvement in StoryCorps. Jake has lead the way in encouraging "user-generated content" in museum design. Jake is a 2006 National Design Award finalist for communications.

Dave Cronin
The Director of Interaction Design at Cooper, Dave works on projects ranging from computer-assisted surgery to institutional investment management to educational devices for the elderly. He was a lead designer of the Getty Center's kiosk and handheld system.

Paul Gould
A designer at MAYA Design, Paul worked on Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh project, which brought user-centered design methods to the design of the library's physical and virtual spaces.

David Guiney
With 30 years experience at the National Park Service's Harpers Ferry Center, and 7 years before that as a park ranger, David works to leverage HFC's extensive experience in developing publications, media, exhibits, signs, and more for the 380 parks nationwide."

Dan Hill
Producer at BBC Radio and Music Interactive. Dan is a remarkably active thinker on subjects of music, architecture, urban spaces, and designing for hackability, all of which he expounds on at his blog, City of Sound.

Deborah Jacobs
The City Librarian for Seattle, Deborah was instrumental in the design of the new Central Library, representing the interests of the library, and its community.

Robert Kalin
As a co-founder of, Robert has been deeply involved in the design and development of this next-generation e-commerce site, which offers hundreds of thousands of handmade goods, connecting artisans with buyers, through a set of brilliant tools for sifting through the choices.

Peter Merholz
Co-founder of Adaptive Path and current president of the IA Institute, Peter is the primary organizer of the IDEA Conference, and will serve as its master of ceremonies. He might be best known for his ages-old blog.

Michal Migurski
Representing the technical half at Stamen Design, Michal has been crucial to the development of such projects as Mappr, Cabspotting, and the new Digg visualizations. With Stamen, Michal leads the way in using API data for interesting information ends. He also publishes a blog.

Alison Sant
Alison Sant is a media artist, with a background in digital media and architecture. Her work explores the city as both a site for investigation and intervention and has often focused on the hidden dynamics of the urban landscape. Her most recent work uses media technologies to both capture the temporal events of the city as well as to examine the ways in which these technologies reform our notions of the urban landscape. Read more about her latest project, TRACE.

Bruce Sterling
Renowned science fiction author and design visionary. Follow his thoughts on his blog.

Linda Stone
Linda has worked in interactive media for many years, including stints developing multimedia at Apple Computer and online communities at Microsoft. Of late, Linda has pursued her interest in "continuous partial attention," a phrase she coined to describe the highly distracting world we live in. You can follow the evolution of her current thinking on her new web site.

Fernanda Viegas
Formerly at the MIT Media Lab, and now at IBM Research, Fernanda has worked on a variety of information visualization projects, including History Flow, which visually documents the changes to Wikipedia articles over time.

Ed Vielmetti
Networking pioneer, Ed now leads the way for public library users with his Superpatron initiative.

Ian White
Ian White blazes trails in mapping and GIS, with his Panamap (printed maps with layered information), and Urbanware (geodata for cities.)

Conference Program

IDEA 2006 is a single-track event taking place over 2 days.

We're still figuring out the specifics of the schedule. This is the current layout, subject to changes:

Monday, October 23
9amIntroduction by Peter Merholz
9:30amOpening Keynote: Linda Stone
10:15amDavid Guiney, Designing Across Multiple Media for the National Park Service
11:30amDavid Guiney, Addressing the Challenges of Designing for the National Park Service
1:30pmDave Cronin, Art for the public: supporting a visitor-directed museum experience
2:15pmJake Barton, Interaction Design in a Physical Space
3:30pmIan White, The Design of Data
4:15pmAlison Sant, TRACE: Mapping the Emerging Urban Landscape
Tuesday, October 24
9amIntroduction to Day 2
9:30amFernanda Viegas and Mike Migurski -- Information Visualization: Why Now and Where It's Going, with
11:30amDan Hill, The New Media
1:30pmNext Generation Libraries, with Deborah Jacobs, Ed Vielmetti, and Paul Gould
3:30pmRobert Kalin, O, Advantageous Interfaces!
4:15pmClosing Keynote: Bruce Sterling